UHP-100 is equipped with two high-speed demodulators together with their independent IF inputs and front ends. The router can simultaneously receive two carriers transmitted via two different satellite beams, which can even be in different frequency bands. The dual demodulator in conjunction with a built-in advanced beam switching algorithm facilitates seamless roaming of mobile satellite terminals between distinct beams of HTS satellites.

The main application for UHP-100 is broadband, SCADA and multimedia connectivity in large VSAT networks using HTS. The terminal interworks with the latest generation of scalable UHP TDM/TDMA Hubs. Small size, low power consumption and low count of active electronic components ensure highest reliability with over 200 000 hours MTBF.


  • High-performance TDM/TDMA Satellite Router with aggregate throughput up to 220 Mbps
  • Two independent DVB demodulators with separate IF inputs and rate up to 65 Msps
  • Efficient DVB-S2/S2X ACM modulations with 5% or 20% roll-off and support for HTS
  • MF-TDMA modulator with innovative protocol and proven efficiency of 96% compared to SCPC
  • Adaptive coding and modulation and transmission power control in forward and return channels
  • Dual satellite or dual band operations with dynamic traffic balancing and automatic beam switching
  • Superior IP router productivity up to 150 000 PPS, rich set of supported protocols
  • Layer 3 routing architecture and Layer 2 bridging mode with IPv6 transport
  • Support of VLAN, multilevel QoS, RT traffic, TCP acceleration, AES encryption
  • Built-in adaptive hierarchic traffic shaper specially designed for VSAT applications
  • Two Ethernet user ports with built-in switch simplifies connection of CPE and maintenance
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms for TDMA mode of operations
  • Low power consumption – less than 8 Watt (without RF ODU)

More about UHP Romantis Plattform

Romantis provides and supports bandwidth on domestic, regional and international satellite systems such as Intelsat, RSCC, SES and others. We can accommodate individual bandwidth requirements from small circuits of 0.5 MHz all the way up to full transponder and thereby guarantee the availability of cost effective satellite time for your transmission.

Romantis, as a value-added reseller of satellite bandwidth, provides a full range of planning, operational and optimization services to ensure the efficient use of the leased resource.

  • Ku- and C-band capacities of the most reliable satellites
  • Flexible bandwidth packages with global coverage
  • Long-term and short-term leases with competitive rates
  • Single channel for procuring capacity of different operators
  • Capacity portability to other satellites and regions

UHP – universal, compact, high-throughput VSAT platform, comprising all network elements: Hubs, terminals and network management system. UHP is a satellite router with software-definable functionality supporting SCPC links, Hub-centric TDM/TDMA and Hubless TDMA networking. The routers allow deploying satellite networks of any topology, including point-to-point, “star”, “mesh” or complex hierarchy. The UHP VSAT Platform is based on the latest modulation and coding technologies, ensuring highly-efficient utilization of satellite bandwidth.


  • Aggregate throughput up to 450 Mbps and 230’000 pps
  • DVB-S2 VSAT technology with bandwidth-efficient LDPC coding
  • Innovative MF-TDMA protocol with proven efficiency of 96%
  • Automatic Transmission Level Control and ACM
  • 1:1 redundancy option for all modes
  • Hierarchical multi-channel traffic shaper designed for VSAT
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay 570 ms
  • Up to 250 TDMA channels and 500000 terminals per network
  • Local web-console and powerful Network Management System
  • Ultra-fast startup – network is operational just in 20 seconds
  • Compatible with C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band


We are a german company who provides all services for satellite internet. Our goal is to connect remote locations with internet or your local network. We also provide internet for moving vehicles like ships, truck, trains or plains. Our main focus is Africa and the near East.


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